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To achieve real 'Search Engine Success' the process of Search Engine Optimisation (website promotion) must be undertaken. SEOMagic is a India SEO expert and provides professional and Google approved organic SEO services.

SEOmagic offers complete SEO services and for high rankings in the organic results of Google, Yahoo and MSN search. Hiring an ethical SEO company to rank well in the natural results is essential ...

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The SEOMagic search team are all individually Google qualified (both AdWords and Analytics). This ensures we can take an integrated approach to client search marketing strategies. We have a transparent approach to search marketing methods and projects. We have worked hard to achieve our established reputation for high quality, ethical standards in both practice and product. All of our search team are active in the search industry and keep uptodate with the latest trends by attending conferences, search engine agency events and by both reading and writing on leading blogs (such as Econsultancy and Search Engine Land in addition to SEOMagic itself).

SEOMagic provides a unique approach - a "one stop shop" of expertise covering all of the above and more. So you can deal with just one supplier and leave the rest to us - freeing you to focus on your business.

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About Us

Shashwat Web Technologies was founded in March 2003 by search engine expert Group name SWTPL . SWTPL aim was to use the latest SEO techniques to help businesses maximize their website profiles in order to increase their online visibility and sales.

Operating from the Oxford Science Park, Oxford, UK, SWTPL's clients range in sector from biotechnology to travel and retail, and include Cellmark, Oxford University Press, Audley Travel, WRAP, Ecosecurities and Aptuit. SWTPL is a group of Google Certified Professional and are on the India advisory committee of the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organisation (SEMPO).

Strategic Approach
A leading agency in the field of search engine optimisation, SWTPL creates bespoke search marketing strategies, tailored specifically to fit clients' needs and Key Performance Indicators. We pride ourselves in proven results delivered to clients at a high return on investment.

Hands on Expertise
SWTPL is a growing and dynamic company reaping great results for its clients through its dedication to technical excellence and drive.

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Our Services

SEOMagic have ranked hundreds of real websites from dating to property, we know what we're doing. We don't do the above because it's NOT possible to guarantee it; No matter what SEO company you speak with, if they GUARANTEE you a particular ranking then they are lying. What we will do is show you results from our previous search engine optimisation work, let you speak to extremely satisfied clients who have used our SEO services and judge for yourself whether we are worth your business.

SEOMagic has in-depth knowledge and experience in all matters relating to SERP performance (Search Engine Results Page). If you yearn for a Page 1 listing on Google for your target keyword searches, look no further - SEOMagic is ready to begin your project and bring you fast results. Our ethical and effective approach to search engine optimisation combines techniques - including organic optimisation, social media marketing, link building, strategic keyword research and competitor analysis - to position your brand right where it needs to be, at the top. Our Services are:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Management

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Why SEOMagic?

Most of the world countries are gaining a lot due to SEO outsourcing to India. There are lots of benefits by this process. Outsourcing to India has lots of advantages as it avails highly experienced SEO consultants along with economical rates. The outsourcing process is conducted efficiently and with ease as it has to be carried out through internet.

SEO Outsourcing services in India essentially provides cost-effective SEO services to its outsourcing partners and clients in international market. SEO Company organizes and manages the team, supervises the project life cycle and constantly trains and keeps the team updated with the latest development in search engine optimization and internet marketing world.

Guaranteed SEO Services at SEOMagic

Shashwat Web Technologies's SEOMagic India offers, Guaranteed SEO Services as a stand-alone, or as a part of total Internet marketing campaign which can be a mix of SEO, PPC Campaigns, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Optimization etc. We have proved ourselves as an Expert SEO Company by providing world class Internet Marketing and SEO services in USA, UK, Canada and world over.

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Professional SEO Services Offered by SEOMagic -

Making sure that prospects find your website is critical to your success on the Internet. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases your website's visibility and ranking on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo thereby increasing traffic to your website.

The skilled James Blake SEO Team analyzes your website and develops a customized strategy to increase traffic while at the same time adhering to ethical optimization techniques that conform to search engine standards.

Our comprehensive SEO services include:

  • Consultation - We work with you to pinpoint your business goals and objectives.
  • Site Analysis - We analyze your website to identify all design, content and other search engine obstacles. We then develop a strategy to remove these obstacles to improve your site's visibility.
  • Keyword Analysis - We conduct extensive keyword research to find those search terms that will attract the most relevant visitors.
  • On-page Optimization - We optimize your website for the critical key phrases identified during analysis. Our comprehensive optimization process includes page titles, meta tags, content, alt text, internal links and site maps.
  • Dynamic Optimization - We rewrite URLs and dynamically optimize large database-driven (i.e.: e-commerce) websites.
  • Directory Submissions - We facilitate the submission of your site to appropriate free and paid directories selected from our extensive list of researched directories.
  • Link Building - We analyze the existing links to your website and develop a theme-based link building campaign to expose your website to targeted traffic.
  • Tracking & Reporting - We use sophisticated tracking and reporting tools to monitor your site's performance and make necessary adjustments to ensure desired results.
  • XML Sitemaps - We create an XML file that lists all the URLs of your site along with additional metadata about each URL. These sitemaps are then submitted to search engines to facilitate comprehensive indexing of the site.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of both building and promoting a website to ensure the highest possible rankings in the major search engines. The aim is to use various SEO coding and other advanced techniques to make a website appear in the first few positions of the results when people search for specific words or key phrases on search engines such as Yahoo, Google or MSN etc.
We're honest, we're sincere, we're innovative, we're handsome, and we can earn your trust.We aim to increase your search engine rankings, which will drive more relevant traffic to your website.  
Our Search Engine Optimization strategies are made keeping in view the Google SEO Guidelines and we create Web Pages in compliance with W3C.

Your company started a blog. Thats great! But how are you driving traffic and how are you turning readers into sales or leads?

Your company is on Twitter. Way to go! But are you building a meaningful following of evangelists that will promote your company? How are you engaging an audience on Twitter and starting a conversation with them? answers all of these questions with our time-tested solutions. Our services have proven to produce results and drive traffic, sales, and revenue for our clients:

Optimized Blog Development and Design
A blog is the best way for a company to reach out and build a community with customer, clients, and users. A blog allows the company to have a transparent platform wherein the customer is able to interact with the company, offer feedback, and learn more about the company culture. will design and develop the blog and optimize it for search engines and for social media. We know the exact Viral DNA necessary for a popular blog and understand how to optimize usability and readability.

Virally Enabled, Emotionally Charged Content Writing

A well-written, value-driven blog post is essential in driving traffic, establishing authority, and adding value to the community. The blog is not a press release page; instead, it should target a highly relevant audience, teaching them new things about the Clients industry, reviewing products, or just displaying the Clients fun company culture. will teach a client how to write value-driven articles that transcend the mundane PR releases that every company develops. By using validated methods, a company will capture its social media audience and create evangelists and fans that will promote the company.

Optimized Twitter Campaign

Twitter is an essential tool for a company to engage its audience and to build a conversation with the people that matter. Twitter is not a place to blast advertisements; instead, the benefits of using Twitter are to create a community and following around the company brand. will not only create the Twitter profile, design the background, but we will teach the Client how to use Twitter internally for a dynamic company culture, at events to interact with participants and the community, and to target relevant users that will buy the Client products or services.

Explosive and Sustainable Traffic Generation

When used effectively, Social Bookmarking sites and Social Networks are great tools to use to spread a message and articles. The first step is to write a high-quality post; the next step is to use Stumble, Digg, and Facebook to spread the message. will develop and execute on a strategy to produce high-quality, entertaining content that social media users love and value.

No content or message can be guaranteed to go viral. However, by using our validated methods, a company is able to drive traffic to a site and position itself to gain fans and evangelists by becoming an authority figure in its industry.

Robust Brand Monitoring Social tools now provide companies with a great way to monitor their brand, and most importantly, to respond to anyone who is talking about them. will develop systems, tools, and processes so that a company is able to quickly find relevant users on Twitter and monitor the space for mentions of the company.

Remember, the conversation is already happening online. We will make it possible for you to join the conversation in the most effective way possible that allows you to talk to your audience and build a powerfully relevant following.

Analytics and Metrics

No campaign is complete without the proper analytics and metrics to measure the success of every facet of the campaign. Here is just a sample of the questions that our analytic tools answer:

  • How many leads or sales is your blog producing
  • How many evangelists and fans have Twitter and Facbeook created
  • Who are your evangelists and fans and how can you reward them
  • How much traffic have bloggers and Twitter users produced for your site
  • What is the conversion rate for each of your social tools
By analyzing these metrics, is able to adjust and revise the campaign to maximize ROI.


X-Factor strategies go beyond social networks, blogs, and micro-blog development. X-Factor strategies are the methods in which a company develops and explosive buzz by creating unique content that compels social media users to share with their friends.

X-Factor campaigns can include competitions, polls, scavenger hunts, videos, podcasts, celebrity endorsements, guest blogs posts, and many other unique social media strategies that will take the Client to the next level of marketing and PR.

Web analytics play a key role in making your web site more successful. It takes more than checking your visitors and page views every day. You need to dig into the data and find out how your visitors are interacting your site, and to find out how to give them a better web site experience.

Web analytics tools provide incredible power to do just that, and to rapidly scale the the revenue and margin you derive from your site. Ask yourself - how would increasing your revenue and margin from your website by 20% (or more) help your business?

Web Analytics services from SEOMagic include:

  • Web Analytics plan development: It all starts with figuring out what you want to do with web analytics. You need to have a plan to have an idea of what your return will be on your analytics investment.
  • Analytics tool selection: No two web sites have the same needs. And each analytics package provides different capabilities. Get SEOMagic's help in making sure you are using the right tool for your site.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development: You don't want to get lost in a sea of useless data. Hone down on the web stats that will tell you how your business is doing, and how you can improve it, and ignore the rest. By determining your KPIs, you can get the most out of analytics, for the least effort.
  • Web analytics implementation: Once you have the plan, the package, and the KPIs, you need to set the software up on your site, and you need to configure the analytics application. SEOMagic has extensive experience in analytics implementations with most of the leading analytics software packages, including:
    Google Analytics
    Lyris HQ Web Analytics (formerly ClickTracks)
    Omniture's Site Catalyst
    Unica's Net Insight
    Web Trends
    WebSideStory's HBX Analytics
  • Business Analysis of Analytics Data: This is where the money is. SEOMagic can help you understand the analytics data, what it says about your business, and help you determine how to improve your site to grow your business faster.
  • Training: SEOMagic can help you learn how to get more out of your analytics tools. Training starts with a basic orientation on how to work with the tools, what to look for, and how to use them to improve your business results.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is where you advertise on search engines, commercial networks and other websites and pay every time a user clicks on your advertisement to visit your website. Hiring a PPC management services team to take control of absolutely everything relating to PPC services is highly recommended, and SEOGURU has years of experience with the best PPC providers.

Search Engine: Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter are the biggest providers for PPC at the current time, with Google Adwords the most used. When you sign up for each of these services you get to choose particular keywords that you want your advertisement to show up for, for example:

You sell computer accessories and you want to advertise on Google. You visit Google Adwords and sign up, making yourself a nice, straight to the point advert. Now What? Next you choose keywords such as computer mouse, keyboard, mouse mat etc. And then you choose how much you want to pay for each user click. If you decide you can only afford a few pence per click you will not appear high in the pages when someone types in 'computer mouse', 'keyboard' or 'mouse mat' and therefore might not get much traffic. However, if you choose keywords that do exactly work for your business and invest 50 pence or even a pound per click, you will appear in a better position more often and get a lot of clicks but a very small amount of business because you have chosen the best keywords!

This is the exact reason why hiring a Google Adwords management team is vital, as well as all of the other PPC avenues.
PPC advertising requires a lot of investment in time and energy in order to maximise your return on investment (ROI). At SEOGURU we can safely say we have gathered years of experience in PPC promotion and can ensure low cost, high reward for your campaign.

Contact Us  with your PPC budget for a quote on our PPC advertising services.

SEO Web design and development India
SEOMagic is an award winning website design and Ecommerce web development organization dedicated to provide web based solutions to small and medium sized businesses. It is our Mantra (Principle) to build up your online Brand with our website design and web development services.

SEOMagic provides you with affordable website design and ecommerce web development services in a professional manner backed up with the best web designers, web developers with the best professional SEO experts. Every aspect of your website design and web development design, content creation and streamlining, programming to complete development, web site hosting is done in a professional manner along with affordable web site design rates. SEOMagic also caters to your online brand building process by providing wide range of search engine optimization & Internet marketing services.

A professional website design and web development company does not limit its service in building up your website but also extends its services to proper strategic search engine marketing of your web presence to the potential online clientele. At SEOMagic we not only take pride in our low cost web site design and web development skills but also in completion of your job within the stipulated time. We provide you amazing services at very affordable prices.

Please feel free to contact us today with any question on your web site design and development or to request a free proposal for your company's website design.

SEO Consulting Firm

SEO Web Consulting is a different kind of SEO consulting firm. Our primary goal is to build long-lasting business relationships with our clients by providing superior SEO services over our competitors. We establish a partnering relationship with you and focus on your needs to provide a variety of alternative SEO strategies and solutions. here are no guarantees with SEO, but we work diligently to obtain top rankings and increase return on investment for your business using only honest, ethical SEO practices, methods and SEO strategies.

SEO Web Consulting is a professional SEO consulting firm with a unique personalized approach that provides search engine optimization consulting services for web sites - with the principle objective of optimizing website content and design to maximize your business exposure and help you obtain targeted high ranking website results.

SEO Training Services:

Does your company want to execute search engine optimization in-house? SEO Web Consulting offers SEO training services to companies - large and small - who want to manage the company websites search engine optimization.

Compare SEO Consultants:

While we encourage you to get several quotes from reputable SEO firms and SEO consultants, we are quite confident you will find that our affordable SEO services will not only provide you high rankings, but the maximum return on investment as well. We get results for our clients - each and every time - using only honest ethical SEO practices.

SEO Content Writing Services

SEO content writers is a division of Shashwat Web Technologies Pvt Ltd, a leading SEO services company which has proved itself time and time again and can now vouch to be one of the leaders in the trade. At Shashwat we realized the importance of seo driven content writing solutions as a major building block for any Internet marketing campaign and was therefore driven to develop a dedicated cell, headed by professional content writers, who have worked very closely on major SEO / Internet marketing Projects and understand the intricacies of SEO.

Our Content Writing Solutions ensures:

SEO content Writers (SCW) is equipped to deliver various type of content writing based solutions, tweaked as per the requirement of the campaign.
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Driving relevant traffic to the website with long tail SEO optimization techniques
  • Better LSI scores for the document collection with researched keywords on website theme.
  • Higher conversion ratio of visitors with sales driven content writing.
  • Better Website Branding with high quality content.
  • Higher search engine rankings

Why SCW Only
Standing in a crowd of World Wide Web? Want to mark your presence? Stand tall with SCW. Your passport to better page rank and higher targeted traffic to the website is nothing more or less than keyword rich SEO driven content and SCW has a commitment for it. SEO Content Writers promise you informative, persuasive, and keyword-rich content for your website - at an affordable price. Our SEO driven content writing services ensure you maximum visibility on search engines, a better ROI and corresponding online business expansion. SCW is a name of quality, integrity, relevance,trust and customer satisfaction. Our content writing services are cost effective and based on relevant keyword research. Next time, outpace your competitors with our SEO driven content writing services.

Google Adwords Campaign
A Google Adwords advertising campaign is a great way to immediately drive qualified traffic to your site. Our Adwords consultants can get you started. If you have a new web site that has no ranking yet or it is still in the Google sandbox Adwords is a great tool to drive qualified traffic to your site. With our pay per click ad management services, we manage all aspects of your advertising campaign. Google's bid prices

Ads are positioned based on bid prices for targeted keywords and phrases. Prices can range from $30 cents until $1.00 per click but it really depends how competitive your industry is and how much of your competitors have already bid on keywords that's why prices change every day.

What we require
We require that you either have your own Google Adwords account, or we will set one up for you. If we set it up you will receive an e-mail from us with login details to your Adwords account, you have to follow the payment instructions displayed on the Google screen and pay with your credit card for the click charges. If you prefer that we also handle this process, then we need a deposit for your Google Adwords campaign.

Cost for Adwords services and starter prices
There is a one time setup fee of $300 USD depending on the amount of keywords and up to 6 individual ads running in Google's search results or Google network, this includes management of your advertising campaign.

The service fee we stated above depends on the amount of keywords you would like to use for your ads, we advice you to arrow contact SEO WATCH for detailed information on Google Adwords and solutions we provide.

What we do for the setup and management
Setup includes a deep investigation of your keywords and phrases to make sure that we only use the best keywords for your advertisement in Google. Choosing the wrong keyword or phrase will hinder the ability to drive qualified traffic and leads to your web site. These are therefore critical components for effective pay per click advertising. We can trigger your ads in the following languages English, German, Dutch and Thai. The price above does not include, building extra landing pages, as this could be very important depending on the structure of your web site and to which pages you direct the visitors.